Apple's Explosive Growth Likely Stymied by Explosion at Manufacturer

China's CCID Net reports Apple iPad2 deliveries could fall by as many as 1.8-million units


Report from Hon Hai and sounds supply-chain alarm as Apple struggles to meet demand.




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LinkedInYandex Enjoys Comfortable IPO as Opening-Day Price Beats Expectations


The Russian-based search engine, Yandex, had a potent IPO on Tuesday, May 24, when the stock closed well north of the $38 threshold, beating expectations for a powerful IPO that will likely continue through the first week of trading, if rosy outlooks from Goldman Sachs are to be believed. The Russian Internet company, hailed by many as the "Google of Russia", raised about $1.3-billion, which was nearly 20% more than expected.


The Yandex stock rise came as LinkedIn enjoyed a meteoric IPO that saw the shares of the business-social network explode from an expected $40 per share to close near $100. Additional news about online gamester, Zynga, further fueled the rise in stock prices and speculation about how many online tech companies may be ready to go public.


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LinkedInLinkedIn Stock Rise Fuels Speculation about Facebook, Twitter and a new bubble.


LinkedIn stock soard out the gate and into history as the stock closed near the $100 mark on the day of its IPO, but in early trading Wednesday, May 25, the stock was already retreating as new speculation was circling Wall Street and the NASDAQ about the possibility we are in a new "tech bubble", particularly where social media are concerned.


However, Lewis Howes, author of two business publications about LinkedIn, blogged on the CBS News site this week about the traffic trends on LinkedIn, and he justified the meteoric rise of the IPO as the result of a "highly anticipated" public offering.



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Domain Investors, Welcome! and the Fidelity Funding Network are undergoing their transformation into the premiere domain finance and investment resource! is your trusted source for domain investment news, for newbies and seasoned investors, alike. It is the place to stay on top of social trends, technology changes, media, politics, Wall Street, terrestrial real estate, and so much of what shapes our world today.


We believe, strongly, that identifying emerging trends in the global, national, regional and local marketplaces makes it possible to identify emerging opportunities in prudent domain investing. As one of the fastest growing investments in history, and with so many retailers, media companies and social networks dependent upon the Internet, domains have become respected as a true asset class, even as more traditional investment vehicles have floundered.



Posted March 13, 2011 by Danny Pryor

The Internet & Domain Industry Report

Dun & Bradstreet has yet to classify the Domain Industry as separate from the Internet, but $40-billion is up for grabs, and that's just in the United States!


There are thousands of businesses that operate in the field of online, and just in development and integration, alone, there are nearly 10,000 companies in the United States vying to provide services to myriad clientele who are staking their claim online.


The information culled from a Dun & Bradstreet report shows some interesting trends online, but what is unclear is how the Domain Industry and domain name investment is actually viewed, if at all, by the biggest U.S. business credit reporting agency.





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Domains and Schizophrenia: Marriage Made In Internet Hell

How conflicting legal and policy rulings have the effect of creating a split personality online.


Investing used to be fairly cut and dry: You buy low and sell high. That was the general school of thought when it came to domain investing, too. You buy a solid, generic name and then turn traffic into profit. Eventually, if the price is right, you may sell the domain name to a company that wants to capture that traffic that you have carefully built.


But there are difficulties awaiting any domain investor, particularly where it concerns those overzelaous trademark holders! How will you navigate the trecherous waters of high finance in a sea of conflicting regulations, rules and legal opinions? Howard Neu, the Internet Lawyer, has some interesting perspectives to consider.




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Domains, Gold, Farm Land or Oxygen: Which Is The Best Investment Going Forward?

As the Dollar becomes less valuable, where will you put your hard-earned assets to work?


A lesson in macro economics hardly seems congruous with a website development and domain development blog, but bear with me; the information herein is quite important.


CNBC, which is my favorite business news channel, landed a protracted interview with Warren Buffet this morning (March 2), and the information gleaned from that interview will have me thinking for weeks and years to come, much like watching Steve Forbes at TRAFFIC in 2007 is still teaching me economic lessons I didn't know required learning, at least at the time.


The importance of what the "Oracle of Omaha" said ... about wanting to own farm land instead of all the world's gold, is critical to teaching us the fundamentals of long-term, strategic and enduring investments.




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Critical ICANN Publications:

Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS)


URS thumbnailICANN published its new gTLD manual in November 2010; this publication is an important read.


The more critical things for domain investors to know are how changes in UDRP policy will be supplanted by the URS. Owners of domains which are targeted for alleged trademark infringment will have far less time to respond to a complaint, regardless of whether that complaint is valid. The administrator who reviews the original complaint will only be looking for procedural errors in the filing, NOT the validity of the URS filing, itself.


Read the ICANN document here.


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Information sourced from's November 2010 RFP Final







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